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"Magnificent" Acrylic on Canvas 24x48" gallery wrap

"Wonder if" acrylic on gallery wrap canvas 20x24x1.5"

"Me Time" Acrylic on Canvas 18x18"

"Is he Truthful" Acrylic on Canvas 24x30"

"Feeling Better Now" 18x24" Acrylic on canvas

"Lost in My Thoughts" Acrylic on Canvas 24x36"

Sweet Music II 40x30 Gallery Wrap Canvas Acrylic

Dance 30x40 " Gallery Wrap Canvas Acrylic

"Sweet Music" acrylic on gallery wrap canvas 30x40x1.5"

"Untitled" Acrylic on Canvas 24x36" unframed

"Whats for Breakfast" acrylic on canvas with frame 22x28"

''Aquila's Abduction of Ganymede (Aquarius) to Zeus" 24x36" Gallery Wrap Acrylic on Canvas

"Captured" Acrylic on Canvas 30x30"

"Morning Stretch" Acrylic on canvas gallery wrap 16x40x1.5"

"Untitled" Acrylic on canvas gallery wrap 24x36x1.5"

"Origami" Acrylic on Canvas "24x36"

Marc's Little Red Foxes 24x30 in frame Acrylic

"Purple Lady" 24"x 30" Acrylic on Canvas

"Kaleidoscope" 24"x36" Gallery Wrap Canvas Acrylic

Ribbons 24x48 inch gallery wrap Acrylic on canvas

Embrace 30x40 inch Gallery Wrap Canvas

Untitled 6 piece panel Each piece 12x36 Continued project Acrylic

"Feathers" Acrylic on canvas 24x30"

"I Think I May Fly" 27"x 27" Acrylic

"Untitled" 16"x20" Acrylic on Canvas

Unburden---Body, Mind, and Soul 24x36 inch TAL Juried Members Show 2013 2015 Celeberty Center Juried Show, part of the Best Abstract collection Framed Acrylic

Mikael 30x48 gallery wrap Acrylic

"Heavenly" Acrylic on Canvas 36x36" Gallery Wrap

Creation 24x30 inch Acrylic on Canvas Floating frame

Pious Facade 24x30 float frame Acrylic

"Balance" 24x48" Acrylic Gallery wrap

Beauty and the Beast 24"x48" Floating Frame Acrylic (Highlighted for detail)

"Magic" Acrylic on Canvas 18x18" gallery wrap

Untitled 12x36" Acrylic Gallery wrap canvas

Saturday Night Jazz Club 30x48 inch gallery wrap canvas Acrylic

"Memphis" Acrylic on canvas 22x28"

"Hallelujah" Acrylic on Canvas 20x24"

"Jazz it Up" Acrylic on Canvas 24x30"

Hot Notes 16"x20" canvas Acrylic

Nashville 36x36 five piece canvas in one frame Acrylic

"Jazz'N" 36x12" framed Acrylic Also available as 6x24 Framed.

"Sway" 18x24" Framed Acrylic

My Home Town 24x36 Framed Acrylic

333 Commerce St 36x48 canvas Acrylic Unframed

"Happy New Year, Dancing in my Pretty Pink Shoes" 16x20" Acrylic on canvas

"Wind Nymphs" Acrylic on canvas 24x36"

"Untitled" Acrylic on canvas 24x30"

"Untitled" Acrylic on Canvas 24x30"

"Fashion Week"' 18"x24" Acrylic on Canvas

"Under the Spell" Acrylic on Canvas 18x24"

"Sincerely" acrylic on canvas 16x20"

"Joy Within" Acrylic on Canvas 24x30"

"Remorse" Acrylic on Canvas 24x30"

"Love Within" Acrylic on canvas 12x24

"There's More to the Story" Acrylic on Canvas 24x30"

"You're Always There" 24"x30" Acrylic on canvas

Untitled Five piece assembled 36x36" Acrylic Floating Frame

Pisces 18x48 split canvas in float frame Acrylic

"Untitled" 22"x34" Acrylic on Canvas

Pastorial Abstract 30x30 float frame Acrylic

"Untitled" Acrylic on Canvas 24x30" Gallery wrap

"Untitled" 24x30" Gallery Wrap Acrylic on Canvas

I'm Staying With Nine 24x30 gallery wrap canvas Acrylic

All those little Secrets 30 x 40 inch canvas Acrylic

The Gift 24x30 float frame Acrylic on Canvas

"Coup de Foude" (Love at First Sight) 36x36 " Gallery Wrap 14k Gold Leaf Acrylic on Canvas

"Ghost" 36x36 gallery wrap canvas Acrylic

Earths Guardian 24x38 3 piece in floating frame Acrylic gold leaf

"Dynesty" 24x30 inch framed Gold leaf Acrylic

Threshole 24x36" float frame Silver Leaf Acrylic

Jester 24x48 inch Gallery Wrap 14k gold leaf and Acrylic

juggle Three piece canvas in one float frame, total size 36x48 inch 14k and sterling silver leaf

"Immigrant" Acrylic, Gold Leaf, Split Canvas Floating Frame 24x39.5"

Reflections 18x48 inch float frame Acrylic on split canvas 2014 Top Award Abstract Nashville Celebrity Center

Out and About 18x36 Gallery wrap canvas Acrylic

The In Crowd 24x30 canvas Acrylic Unframed

Under the Stars 16x20 canvas Palette Knife Acrylic

Finish Line 16x20 Canvas Palette Knife Acrylic

Dancing in the Street Attached 3 peice canvas in Float frame 16x60 canvas total Acrylic 2015 Top award Abstract collection Nashville Celebrity Center

Cumberlain Fog 15x30 framed Acrylic 2015 Top award Nashville Celebrity Center

"If I Could Turn Back Time" 36x48 inch canvas Acrylic Framed

Hysteria 36x48 canvas Acrylic Framed

Outside the Box 36x48 inch canvas Acrylic Framed

Psalm 23:4 36x48 canvas Acrylic Unframed

It's All a Calculated Risk 36x48 canvas Acrylic Floating Frame

It's Another Tequila Sunrise----Eagles 36x48 gallery wrap canvas Acrylic

Lucy in the Sky, With Diamonds.._Beatles 3ft x 4 ft Acrylic

We Built This City on Rock and Roll... -Jefferson StarShip 3ftx4ft Acrylic Framed

The Midnight Hour is Close at Hand...Thriller...-Michael Jackson 3 ft x 4 ft Gallery Wrap Canvas Acrylic

Cover Me 3 ftx 4 ft Gallery Wrap Canvas Acrylic

By the Rivers of Babylon...-Nelson DeMille 20" x 48" Float Frame

Under the Moonlight, the Serious Moonlight, Let's Dance...-David Bowie

It's a Nice Day for a White Wedding... -Billy Idol 3 ft x 4 ft Framed Acrylic

Bohemian Raspody.... -Queen 3 ftx 4 ft Floating Frame Acrylic

Champagne Toast 12"x36" Gallery Wrap Canvas Acrylic

Exciting 3 ft x 4 ft Framed Acrylic

Sea Wall 36x48 inch Acrylic on Canvas

Yuri 20" x 24" Float Frame Acrylic

John Nixon 09.07.2016 20:40

I like the "Memphis" acrylic best. All very interesting!

Marcie Arrington 06.02.2020 23:05

Re you the same John Nixon from Hillwood class of 85?

David Jackson 11.06.2015 00:41

I love your work Sandy! It is very exciting and colorful.

Mr. Jackson your student

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I received your email. Thank you and I look forward to the class.
Marty Hotvedt-

07.07 | 00:03

Please email me. This site only displays. Or fb message.

06.07 | 21:49

How much for this one? I love this!!!

06.07 | 21:48

How much is this painting?